Feb. 15th, 2013

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Dear me:

1. I know that I put everything I had into this year.

2. I can do things now and have done things that I didn't even dream were possible before with my body. I feel comfortable in my body, relaxed, and powerful. I no longer have to constantly adjust myself to find the least painful positions or ways to perform an activity. I move with confidence.

3. I am STRONG, and best of all, I FEEL that strength.

4. I have a structure in my life that supports me and helps me through the rough times and to excel in the good times.

5. I have a greater sense of security internally and externally, a greater a sense of wholeness spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

6. I am more myself than ever before, and I celebrate the emergent dream of who I am becoming.
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This took me quite awhile! I think part of the problem was that I wasn't even sure what kind of body I ultimately want. At first I was wondering why most of the pictures out there weren't speaking to me, and eventually I realized it's because so many fitness models, though muscular, still have that "curvy" look -- and I've always had curves, and always wanted to be LESS curvy. I've had a C cup for quite awhile now and really have always wanted to have a smaller chest, for instance.

This past summer when I lost some weight (not for healthy reasons, it was stress), I found that I dropped a cup size and I loved it! I had never imagined that that was possible. I love that lean, svelte look.

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