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01. Feeling that I am doing well/that I am doing good things/that I am capable of good actions. I have struggled with a long time with simply feeling that I COULDN'T POSSIBLY do anything so amazing as get in shape, that as a person I didn't have enough self-discipline, drive, skill, etc. I didn't feel that I was CAPABLE of doing the good things I longed to do.

I want to measure and also encourage this by regularly checking in with all the progress I've made, celebrating that progress with others, and emphasizing the positive over the negative.

02. Feeling strong and free in my body. I will measure this in a few ways: tracking how much my joints crackle and pop in the morning, how often, where and how much tightness do I have in my muscles, how often do I get tension headaches, etc. Also by how I feel while exercising - some exercises I feel good while doing, and I want to get to that point with more and more physical activities. Ultimately, I want to be able to feel that a large percentage of the time I can really "kill it" in my workouts (in the good way!).

03. Feeling relaxed, feeling that I can trust myself, that I can trust life - that I can trust myself to KEEP doing well, that I can trust that my life will not fall to pieces at any given moment, that I can trust that whatever comes my way I can handle it. The universe and I have had a weird, complicated relationship for awhile now! I'm tentatively working on the idea that I live in benevolent universe rather than one that's out to get me and keep me down.

I will measure this by how I feel in the morning and at night - do I wake up dreading my day or looking forward to it? Do I fall asleep worrying about what's coming or feeling confident that I can handle it? Can I trust that even if I don't know how something that will resolve, that there IS a solution, that things will be okay?


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