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Friday: Smoothie for breakfast, then for dinner I ate some macaroni and cheese, a boiled egg, and some baked chicken from Whole Foods along with some salad and broccoli. No digestive upset.

Saturday: Smoothie for breakfast, then for lunch I had a slice of pesto-goat cheese pizza. VERY cheesy. Stomach was a bit noisy but I didn't feel bad. Then, after an adventurous shopping trip!, I tried some raw butter and some local yogurt. Had one veggie taco and one chicken/barbacoa taco. No digestive upset.

Sunday: Smoothie for breakfast, and then a glass of raw milk and a little bit of flax for breakfast. One veggie taco and one chicken/barbacoa taco for lunch. Chicken/barbacoa burrito for dinner, and I think I may try some more raw milk later if I'm feeling like it. I'm definitely feeling full because I finished the burrito (we can't save our employee meals for later and I really can't bring myself to throw away that perfectly good food), but I planned it out well enough that I didn't verge into stuffed territory and/or that overly tired "food coma" feeling that I know so well. Again, no digestive upset! Though I think the meat is creating a certain feeling of heaviness in my stomach.

To be honest, this is pretty shocking for me. I think I always thought that dairy and meat didn't agree with my system very much, but with the amounts of new dairy especially that I've eaten over the last few days I wonder if that's not so much the case. It does seem like raw makes a different. The one cooked thing I ate -- the cheese on the pizza -- was the one I seemed to do worst with. Hmmmmm.


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