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Monday: Smoothie made with raw milk, and then flax+raw milk for breakfast but I could hardly finish the flax -- the smoothie was really heavy in my stomach and didn't agree with me. It was hardly sweet at all which was odd considering there was fruit in it.

I stayed home all day and read about fermenting stuff on the computer. I was trying to figure out all the different ways/products that can come from raw dairy, and holy crap it's a lot! For lunch, I had my veggies/greens/salad and added in some chicken and sauerkraut. I got in a workout mid-day. Worked at 4:00pm and had my tofu dinner and added in some guacamole and chicken.

Stayed up very late.

Tuesday: Smoothie made with raw milk, and then flax+raw milk for breakfast, and this time I only had a little flax left over, the smoothie tasted better. I tried to sleep in because I was so tired from the night before but couldn't. Got in a workout but it wasn't great. Worked in SF for awhile before I had to go to my other job at 4:00pm. Had my tofu for dinner and added in some guacamole and chicken. I left work a little early because I had a really bad headache, so I took off at 8:15pm. I gave myself a massage because my shoulders/neck weren't feeling great. Got to sleep earlier than the night before but still not as early as I wanted; boy and I stayed up talking.

Wednesday: Slept in late. Had half a smoothie for breakfast. Then I also had a random craving to try sourdough. So the boy and I went to Whole Foods and I got some of their fresh sourdough, and some sliced sprouted sourdough bread. We also stopped by the local natural market to see if they had more raw milk but the delivery hadn't come in yet, so I bought a hunk of raw cheese instead. We went back to the house and had breakfast with my mom around 10:00am. I had toasted sourdough with raw butter and raw honey and a glass of raw milk. Ugh, so good! Later, though, I couldn't finish my lunch. I didn't get hungry until about 4:00pm, but at that point I got very hungry very quickly. I ate a little bit of my lunch but it didn't feel great in my stomach and I was running out of time anyway.

Then my friend and I met and we went to the gym and I got in my workout since I'd missed it in the morning -- elliptical, some v-sits and other strength stuff, a bit of free weights, and I played around on some of the machines. Then we went to Thai food dinner and my friend and I split tilapia, white rice and veggies with yellow curry. Also had a glass of chardonnay and we split fried bananas with coconut ice cream for dessert. Oddly, I didn't feel stuffed at the end! But we ate very slowly and had a lot of good conversation.

My boyfriend also cooked some chicken liver I had bought and left it for me in the fridge, but I wasn't even thinking about food when I got home, ha.

Thursday: Feeling awful today. I'm on the first day of my cycle and my stomach is way unhappy with me. Had half a smoothie for breakfast -- with water, because someone finished up our raw milk last night -- and one veggie/one chicken taco for lunch. Still full from lunch right now, I don't feel like I'm going to eat for another couple hours yet. Definitely not feeling doing a workout today.
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Friday: Smoothie for breakfast, then for dinner I ate some macaroni and cheese, a boiled egg, and some baked chicken from Whole Foods along with some salad and broccoli. No digestive upset.

Saturday: Smoothie for breakfast, then for lunch I had a slice of pesto-goat cheese pizza. VERY cheesy. Stomach was a bit noisy but I didn't feel bad. Then, after an adventurous shopping trip!, I tried some raw butter and some local yogurt. Had one veggie taco and one chicken/barbacoa taco. No digestive upset.

Sunday: Smoothie for breakfast, and then a glass of raw milk and a little bit of flax for breakfast. One veggie taco and one chicken/barbacoa taco for lunch. Chicken/barbacoa burrito for dinner, and I think I may try some more raw milk later if I'm feeling like it. I'm definitely feeling full because I finished the burrito (we can't save our employee meals for later and I really can't bring myself to throw away that perfectly good food), but I planned it out well enough that I didn't verge into stuffed territory and/or that overly tired "food coma" feeling that I know so well. Again, no digestive upset! Though I think the meat is creating a certain feeling of heaviness in my stomach.

To be honest, this is pretty shocking for me. I think I always thought that dairy and meat didn't agree with my system very much, but with the amounts of new dairy especially that I've eaten over the last few days I wonder if that's not so much the case. It does seem like raw makes a different. The one cooked thing I ate -- the cheese on the pizza -- was the one I seemed to do worst with. Hmmmmm.
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Today, for the first time in my life, I bought myself some meat - half of a baked chicken.

Wow. This was not a radical life change that I saw coming!


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